Environmentally friendly, Norwegian firewood

Warm and cozy with a clear conscience


An all-Norwegian production

Did you know that 90% of all firewood sold at the big chain stores are imported from non-Scandinavian countries and thus have travelled hundreds of miles? With Varma, our goal is to support Norwegian industry and forestry. Today, Varma is the sole supplier of large volume all-Norwegian firewood. On its journey from the forest to your fireplace Varma firewood never leaves Norway, as a result, it is the most environmentally friendly fuelwood solution.


The Swan

On account of a sustainable extraction of raw material and our highly energy efficient production, Varma is currently the only firewood approved by the official Nordic ecolabel The Swan. Due to innovative harvesting-, drying- and production processes, as well as the short distances travelled, both Varma briquettes and Varma firewood have been documented as the market’s most environmentally friendly choice. By choosing Varma you can stay warm and cozy with a clear conscience.


Produced locally

All of our firewood comes from Norwegian woods; both the cleaving and drying process takes place in Norway, and our packaging machines are developed and produced in Norway.

We believe in a renaissance in Norwegian industry and that innovation in Norwegian technology will bring jobs back to Norway.


At the cabin and in the city

Gone are the days of cumbersome sacks leaking saw dust and creating a mess in both your car and your shed. Varma firewood is offered in attractive cartons that are easy to carry and practical to stack.

Inspired by classic and elegant Scandinavian interior design our packaging fits just as well in a modern city apartment as in a mountain cabin.


Heating, coziness and user friendly

Sometimes, your first priority will be to heat up a room, or the cabin as quick and efficiently as possible. Other days you might wish to cuddle in front of a crackling fireplace, which can be lit with traditional firewood or a more user-friendly solution. Whatever your needs are, Varma offers three different products to cover them all.


Heat 15m2 in 15 minutes

  • Briquettes offers the quickest and easiest solution to heating a room
  • It is the most environmentally friendly solution
  • Available in TennLettTM paper packaging


Norwegian Birch

  • Dryer than the standard, Varma firewood also burns better
  • From Norwegian woods
  • Attractive packaging with the Varma carton


The modern solution

  • As the only firelog with the Nordic ecolabel The Swan, the Varma log burns cleaner than regular firewood
  • Lasts up to 4 hours
  • The user-friendly choice